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Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an international colloquium that simulates diplomatic decision-making. MUN conferences are usually open to students from the ages of 14 to 29, it provides them with the opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations, the United Nations, and other international organizations. 


Students are given the chance to take up different roles such as a delegate, an administrator, part of a student BOD, part of an approval panel, and a photographer, and many more. (More information on the "Roles" page). So each student can experience the conferences to their full extent depending on their own interests. The most common position is a delegate, a participant looking to debate on global issues and come up with innovative solutions. 


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MUN not only aims to develop students' skills such as confidence, leadership, collaboration, and negotiation; but also essential life skills such as public speaking, writing skills, and how to conduct extensive research. It is also extremely beneficial to students who would like to pursue a career in International Relations, Law, Global Development, Sustainability, or if you're looking to work under the UN.


Many schools, colleges, and universities host their own MUN conferences such as Harvard (HMUN), Cambridge (CamMUN), Princeton (PMUNC), etc. to encourage student involvement. Though in most states international schools are the main hosts for MUNs a lot of states offer positions to public schools as well. The "Events" page will take you to a link that may aid you to find Model UN conferences near you.

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